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Welcome to rationalatheism.org, a project devoted to the development of a rational atheism.

In order to be taken seriously, atheism must offer naturalistic explanations for all apparent order in our experience of existence.

Current stances on the nature of reality should not affect one's ability to develop explanatory models of existence. One's beliefs - whether atheist or theistic - should be left aside completely in a common search for truth - they needn't even be declared in a mature discussion.

Beliefs of irrational Atheism

  • logic and reason have no ground
  • our inherited belief in sentience has no ground
  • the mapping of mind to complex physical organisms has no ground
  • the ability of our universe to sustain (and evolve) complex atomic, chemical and biological systems has no ground
  • the physical universe (or philosophical multiverse) has no ground
  • the laws of physics have no ground

Beliefs of rational Atheism

  • non-physical abstract objects (logic, causality)
  • accept the validity of our genetically/environmentally inherited belief in ourself as an observer (under physicalism our belief in our consciousness is product of our brain, and therefore can only remain such: a belief). The alternative is to uphold eliminativism. Non-eliminativist physicalism assumes that the belief is not the sole product of the brain, but happens to correspond to reality
  • *+something that defines which physical systems result in observers (e.g. advanced cognitive systems such as computers, carbon based brains found in universe X, anewelementbasedonanalternativephysics based brains found in universe Y, etc), and why an observer is assigned their particular physical arrangement (experience)
  • an indefinite/infinite number of universes (either concurrent - eg multiverse, or sequential - eg cyclical) to generate the initial conditions of our atomic, chemical, and bio-friendly universe
  • *a mechanism by which these universes and physical laws are generated
  • *a reason for their having of law (as opposed to there being so many universes with so many random combinations of events that one just thinks they are in a universe that is behaving by law)

* Prerequisites not offered by contemporary atheism
+ Panpsychism/Panprotopsychism is rejected here because of the combination problem. Note one way of solving the measurement problem is to assert that every measuring device is conscious. Therefore, consciousness might be an inherent part of the universe, but not in every physical entity.

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